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Conditions Treated

During an impressive 29 year medical career, Michael Gaunt has built up a reputation of expertise alongside experience.

As a renowned vascular surgeon he performs more than 500 successful operations a year and the expansive list of conditions he treats makes him an authoritative figure in the world of vascular surgery.

Sports Conditions

In this section, you will find detailed information about the various conditions including general guidance, symptoms and details on prevention and cure.
If you still have any questions after reading the relevant documentation, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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Despite my anxiety about having the operation, I found the whole process to be much less difficult and disruptive than I had imagined. Although the front of my leg was a bit tender, especially in the early days and when putting on the compression stocking, the recovery period was almost completely painless and I was able to resume normal life very quickly afterwards. I feel like I have a new leg and a new spring in my step. Brilliant!

As I said, I enjoyed meeting Mr Gaunt whom I found friendly, professional and efficient.. and he’s done a marvellous job! I would definitely recommend him and this procedure to anyone for whom it's an appropriate option.

John Skilbeck
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