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FAQs and payment options

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Who is Michael Gaunt?

Mr Gaunt is a consultant vascular surgeon whose independent practice covers London, Norwich, Bury St Edmunds, Cambridge and beyond. Mr Gaunt treats private patients at Harley Street, London, The Spire Norwich Hospital, BMI Bury St Edmunbds Hospital, Spire Lea Cambridge and Nuffield Health Cambridge.

Practising for 29 years in hospital medicine, 17 of which have been as a consultant vascular surgeon, Mr Gaunt has treated many thousands of patients suffering from a wide range of conditions.

Mr Gaunt’s most commonly performed operations are varicose vein surgery and hernia repairs.

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Mr Gaunt performs in the region of 2,000 outpatient consultations and treatments per year. He is committed to combining the highest clinical standards with a friendly and relaxed atmosphere treating every patient as an individual.

He is also a recognised expert in Endovenous Laser Ablation varicose vein treatment and has, to date, completed more than 5,000 Endovenous Laser procedures. This makes him one of the most experienced surgeons in the Endovenous Laser technique in the UK.  He has also lectured on Endovenous Laser to other surgeons - and trained them in the technique - in such places as Brazil, Madrid and Paris. He was the first surgeon in the UK to perform the laser technique which avoids the need to insert local anesthetic, making the procedure even less invasive.

Michael Gaunt has an extensive research record having published over 120 scientific papers. The quality of his research has been recognised by the country’s highest awards including the Moynihan Medal, the Founders Prize of the Vascular Society of Great Britain & Ireland and the European Vascular Surgery Prize. This research experience enables Mr Gaunt to critically evaluate new treatments to decide which techniques to introduce into clinical practice.

If you are hoping to use private medical insurance to cover the cost of your treatment the following points may help:

  1. Telephone your insurance company to see if they are willing to fund a consultation with Mr Gaunt. Remember, as the patient you have the right to see the consultant of your choice. Some insurance companies try to redirect patients to cheaper consultants who are usually less experienced with scare stories of large excess payments - these are not correct.
  2. Mr Gaunt performs a duplex ultrasound scan as part of all his vein consultations, to offer a one-stop service, and it is important to get this authorised as well as the consultation. Mr Gaunt is recognised by all major medical insurance companies. Insurance companies like to be informed from the beginning of the patient’s journey with the consultant in order to be able to set up a case file for their treatment.
  3. Find out from your insurance company whether they require you to have a GP referral letter in order to be able to see Mr Gaunt for an initial consultation. For some insurance companies this is required but for others it is not a requirement.  If a GP referral letter is required, please make an appointment to see your General Practitioner to be able to obtain a referral letter.
  4. Once you have seen Mr Gaunt for your initial consultation and he has recommended treatment of your condition it is important to seek authorisation for any further procedure from your insurance company. Most procedures carry a special code, called a procedure code, which Mr Gaunt’s office will inform you of.
  5. Once you have the procedure code and a date arranged for your treatment you should telephone your insurance company with this information and they can then let you know whether you are eligible to go ahead with the treatment and give you an authorisation number to pass onto Mr Gaunt’s office and the hospital.
  6. It is the patient’s responsibility to authorise all consultations and treatment/procedures with their insurance company prior to these taking place.  Most insurance companies are very helpful if this approach is taken.

If you do not have private medical insurance, all forms of medical treatment under the care of Mr Gaunt are still available to you and you can make an appointment for a consultation in one of his clinics without a GP referral letter.

  1. For patients without private medical insurance the hospitals where Mr Gaunt practices offer package price options for procedures, which include the following fees:
    • Surgeons fees
    • Anaesthetic fees
    • Hospital fees
    • 1 x follow up consultation after the procedure
  2. When patients who are self-paying have attended for a consultation and the exact treatment they require is known customer services at the chosen hospital will send the patient a price quotation for their procedure.  This quote is sent by post and includes the fees above.  It enables patients to know the cost of their proposed treatment with no pressure to go ahead.
  3. The package prices quoted by the hospital do not include the cost of the initial consultation to see Mr Gaunt, which is a separate charge invoiced by Mr Gaunt’s office.
  4. If patients decide they would like to proceed, once they have received their quote, they can then telephone Mr Gaunt’s office to book in their treatment.
  5. Payment for all package price options is made to the hospital and this is then divided between the parties involves.  Payment has to have been received by the hospital prior to procedures going ahead. 
  6. Payment can be made by debit or credit card to the hospital or by cheque allowing ten days for bank clearance facilities.

The hospitals run package schemes for patients without private insurance. Cost depends on whether you have one leg or both legs treated and the extent of the veins. Once you have had your consultation, we will arrange for the hospital of your choice to send you a quotation for your proposed surgery.

If the quotation is acceptable, patients can then arrange a date for their operation. Payment for any of the package prices is made to the hospital concerned and has to be done prior to any treatment taking place.

If there are any concerns after an operation, patients should not hesitate to telephone Mr Gaunt’s office on 01223 305858.  Mr Gaunt is always happy to give advice to patients after surgery and to see them at one of his clinics at short notice if there are any concerns.