Case Studies

BUPA Patient Satisfaction Award

  • David Hall“I have just successfully completed the John O’Groats to Land’s End cycle ride – 1060 miles in 9 days – absolutely unthinkable prior to the popliteal entrapment syndrome op! So – once again – many, many thanks!!” In February 2010 David Hall was treated by Mr Gaunt to correct popliteal entrapment syndrome, he has since… Continue Reading
  • Emma Kaye“I think the thing that worried me was that I thought I would be ‘out of action’ for several weeks – but this was not the case and the very next day I was walking my dogs a good 40 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the afternoon. I also had no pain… Continue Reading
  • Kari Hawkins“I had surgery under general anaesthetic and it was really straightforward” Continue Reading
  • Debbie Thomassen“In very good and friendly hands!” Continue Reading
  • Ian, 34“Ian rowed for the US team and Cambridge, when he developed varicose veins.” Varicose veins run in my family. I've got two uncles who had the surgery at relatively early ages. But I assumed that varicose veins came from sitting around or that older people or pregnant women got them. Then about eight years ago,… Continue Reading
  • Alison Cronk“It has been the best money I have ever spent.” I suffered deep vein thrombosis in my early 20s which damaged the valves of my left leg. While not medically ill, I couldn’t stand for prolonged periods and undertaking sport of any kind was difficult and uncomfortable. I was faced with the prospect of spending… Continue Reading
  • Karol Cooper"A few weeks later it was impossible to tell I had ever had varicose veins" "I first noticed the appearance of varicose veins about ten years ago and sought the advice of a surgeon then. The most usual treatment at the time was to have the veins ‘stripped’. This took place under general anaesthetic and… Continue Reading
  • Thomas Reed"I have had problems with my veins for about 25 years. I just always thought I would get it done at some stage without ever seeing anyone about it. As the years went on, it was not until I was 56 when I thought it was about time I got something done about it. I… Continue Reading
  • Deborah Greenland, 48 years old"I had two quite big varicose veins, which would get painful in hot weather and in the evenings. When I was about 24, I had one injected but I was left with one below my knee, which ran horizontally across the front of my right leg. After having three children, it got more swollen and… Continue Reading
  • Mary Gower, 59 years old"I have had varicose veins since my twenties, but about 18 years ago they took a turn for the worse. I developed varicose eczema. It began as a small red patch and just kept on growing. About 15 years ago, I had the varicose vein stripped but it kept on growing. Eight years ago, I… Continue Reading

I first went to Mr Gaunt eight years ago and he said he could assist with the look of my varicose veins in one leg, which over the years had become unsightly and painful. For personal reasons I did not follow this up and how I wish I had done so then! I was on holiday with friends a year ago who mentioned my veins and as soon as I was back I made an appointment to see Mr Gaunt again. This time I did what he advised – I had an operation under local anaesthetic, which really was a breeze in the park, and I noticed the improvement in the pain and look of my leg within a month. This was followed up by three sessions of injection sclerotherapy: the first time was more painful than the follow ups – perhaps I knew the pain to be expected on the follow ups. I am thrilled with the results: any person who has pain or unsightly veins should see Mr Gaunt – the results are far better than I thought they would be – my only regret is that I should have got it done eight years ago.” Mrs B, Suffolk.