Our Clinics

You may book an appointment to see Michael Gaunt at any of his clinics:

  • Harley Street, London: 01223 305858
  • Circle Health St Edmunds Hospital: 01223 305858
  • Spire Lea Cambridge: 01223 266990
  • Nuffield Health Cambridge: 01223 370922

Private Secretaries:
Tel: 01223 305858 Email: megsecretaries@michaelgaunt.com

Private clinics within hospital settings

Michael Gaunt’s private clinics are located within hospitals providing the assurance of safe and effective treatments and procedures.

A Consultation with Michael Gaunt

When you book a consultation at any of Michael Gaunt private clinics you will receive confirmation via email, with the date, clinic address and time. All patients are advised to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to their appointment to complete a brief contact sheet. If you require any further information his private secretaries are on-hand 01223 305858

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