Remote consultations

 Consultations with Mr Michael Gaunt

Remote consultations are still available with Mr Gaunt, should you prefer this option, but we would advise insured patients to check with their insurance company if these consultations are still covered by their policy.

Video consultations

We use ZOOM to securely link with you at home. Consultations remain confidential and we send you an encrypted meeting code invitation via email confirming your appointment with Mr Michael Gaunt. Please note it is essential to download the ZOOM App before a consultation, as it speeds up the connection to Mr Gaunt’s clinic and maximizes your consultation time.


Telephone consultations

Telephone consultations are also available if you would prefer not to use ZOOM or if you cannot access the ZOOM App. Contact us> 


New patients

For new patients choosing a remote consultation, we provide an initial assessment of the condition, an explanation of treatment options available and information leaflets, prices etc, so that you have time to consult these.

Once you feel happy to attend a face-to-face consultation in our COVID-19 secure clinics, an ultrasound scan can be performed to firm up the options prior to scheduling treatment at any of Mr Michael Gaunt’s clinics. Our clinics> 


Post-operative Patients

For follow-up patients we are able to assess the results of surgery, answer any queries and plan any additional treatment needed in Cambridge, Bury St Edmunds and London. Any required prescriptions are sent to you at home or may be arranged for collection via your GP.