Diagnosis of Varicose Veins

Varicose Veins & Thread Veins Treatment

Procedures by Mr Michael Gaunt MA (Cantab), MD (Dist), FRCS

During your diagnostic consultation with Mr Michael Gaunt you will receive his undivided attention to detail. Each patient is unique and he will take the time to fully understand your symptoms, lifestyle, medical history and concerns.

Reviewing visible swollen veins are just the tip of the iceberg, Mr Michael Gaunt professionally  assess the underlying vascular condition before deciding upon the most suitable treatment for each patient.

“I perform a full diagnostic assessment with a Duplex ultrasound scan to identify the problematic veins and underlying problem before recommending the best procedure and treatment plan for you”

During the consultation you can raise any concerns or questions about treatment options. Mr Michael Gaunt will talk you through the recommended treatment procedure and create a tailored treatment plan. He will take the time to discuss this with you and provide patient information leaflets.

“I take the time to ensure my patients understand the treatment options developing a personal treatment plan that suits their lifestyle”

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