Veinwave Therapy

Effective thread vein treatment by Mr Michael Gaunt MD (Dist), MA Cantab, FRCS

What is Veinwave?
Veinwave is an effective safe and quick treatment for fine thread veins/red veins which can be used on the face and legs. It uses a small pulse of high frequency electrical current delivered through an ultra-fine needle that heats the veins so that they collapse and disappear – a process known as thermocoagulation.

How is Veinwave treatment undertaken?
Like with microsclerotherapy, Veinwave is performed in the outpatient clinic as a walk-in/walk-out procedure. A slight pricking sensation is felt by the ultra-fine needle, similar to a pinprick. No compression dressings are required after the treatment. The treatment session is about 20 minutes.

How many sessions of Veinwave will I require?
A number of sessions may be required depending on response to treatment. More detail can be given about this after the initial consultation.

How often are Veinwave sessions performed?
The treatment sessions are usually performed three to four weeks apart. If the face is to be treated, no make-up should be worn to the treatment session.

What can I expect after Veinwave treatment?
The treatment leaves no bruising but there are often small red marks which then become tiny crusts. These are usually gone within a couple of days.

Can I carry on as normal after Veinwave treatment?
Yes you can carry out your daily activities as normal with the following exceptions:

  • Please do not apply moisturiser or other creams to the affected skin on the day of your treatments.
  • Walking is encouraged but prolonged sitting, standing, pounding exercises, squatting and weight-lifting should be avoided for about a week if the legs have been treated.

If the face is being treated, you should plan to have treatment when you do not have any important social engagements to attend as the face can be red in the treated areas for approximately 48 hours. You should avoid applying make-up during this time to avoid the risk of skin irritation/allergic reaction.