Thread Veins & Spider Veins

Treatment & procedures by Mr Michael Gaunt MD (Dist), MA Cantab, FRCS 

My extensive experience ensures effective cosmetic treatment that’s tailored to you.

An expert in the world of venous condition, Michael Gaunt offers non-invasive treatments  of thread veins and spider veins,  with the assurance of over 30 years’ experience.

“Unsightly facial veins and broken veins on legs, ankles and knees and other areas of the body can dramatically affect a patient’s confidence” 

Thread veins & spider veins

Thread veins and spider veins can start at an early age especially on the face, neck and chest which is susceptible to sun damage and the elements, resulting in red/blue blemishes forming. Some people are more susceptible to thread veins and often have multiple areas or sites which may continue to spread without successful treatment.

“Exposure to weather conditions such as excessive sun or wind can cause red veins to occur on the face, while smoking can also be an underlying cause of facial veins”

Starting as a fine noticeable red line, the broken vein will enlarge, creating a web of fine lines which become increasingly noticeable over time. Generally there are few symptoms unless the spider veins are the first signal of underlying varicose veins, even if not initially apparent or visible, which require diagnostic detection.

Diagnosis & treatment of thread veins & spider veins

During your consultation I will ensure there are no underlying problems by reviewing your medical history and any concerns, performing a physical examination and performing appropriate scans to determine an accurate diagnosis and to develop an effective individual treatment plan to include a range of recommended treatments, costs and aftercare. The latest hi-tech treatments offer patients swift procedures to fit around their busy lifestyles, but most importantly are tailored to their individual healthcare needs.

Delicate facial skin requires a specialist to gently treat the thread vein and spider vein area. I offer the latest, minimally invasive, effective treatment of thread veins and spider veins using:

Thread veins on legs and ankles 

Not all visible veins in the legs are varicose veins. Small veins underneath the skin, known as thread veins, spider veins or reticular veins, may become prominent due to a variety of different reasons. They can cause symptoms of discomfort, itching and irritation as well as being unsightly.

Often the appearance of thread veins is due to the effect of daily wear and tear on delicate skin and local treatments are effective. However, sometimes thread veins are an indication of underlying varicose veins which may not be visible on examination.

Treatment of the thread veins will not be successful unless the underlying problem – for example the varicose veins – has been corrected first. Therefore, a thorough venous assessment is necessary before initiating any local treatment for thread veins.

I use the latest minimally invasive procedures for the treatment of leg thread veins and spider veins, selecting the best procedure for you, as part of a tailored treatment plan.

Once underlying varicose veins have been treated or excluded, local treatment of the thread veins is much more likely to be successful.

How often are the microsclerotherapy sessions performed?

Most patients require 3 – 4 sessions, with an interval of between 2 and 4 weeks between each session, until the treatment is complete.  However, no two patients are the same and some patients might need a longer course of treatment to achieve the required result.


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