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Flying after varicose vein treatment

One of the most common concerns among patients undergoing varicose vein surgery is the risk of flight-related deep vein thrombosis after varicose vein surgery. Find out about risk factors and related DVT.

FLIGHT INFORMATION document for patients


Varicose vein treatments explained

Discover more details on varicose vein treatments available. Successful treatment depends on careful pre-operative assessment. No two peoples’ varicose veins are the same and the right procedure for one person may not be successful for someone else.

Varicose Veins leaflet


ClariVein™ technique

Find out about the ClariVein™ procedure to treat varicose veins and helpful information.

ClariVein leaflet


Injection Sclerotherapy

Read more about Injection Sclerotherapy, the advanteages and what to expect.

Injection sclerotherapy leaflet