Aftercare and Support

Michael Gaunt offers post-operative care and support.

Care and support are key to Michael Gaunt’s service with a dedicated team of private medical secretaries. Prior to your procedure Mr Michael Gaunt will explain the best treatment plan for you, answering any concerns.  You will receive patient information leaflets, including aftercare advice and Michael Gaunt is on hand should you need any further assessment or treatment.

We pride ourselves on our award-winning patient care and strive to achieve excellence.

After surgery patients will be required to wear support stockings for up to 14 days.

“Despite my anxiety about having the operation, I found the whole process to be much less difficult and disruptive than I had imagined. Although the front of my leg was a bit tender, especially in the early days and when putting on the compression stocking, the recovery period was almost completely painless and I was able to resume normal life very quickly afterwards. I feel like I have a new leg and a new spring in my step. Brilliant!

As I said, I enjoyed meeting Mr Gaunt whom I found friendly, professional and efficient.. and he’s done a marvellous job! I would definitely recommend him and this procedure to anyone for whom it’s an appropriate option.” – John Skilbeck

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We have a number of patient information leaflets available. Everything you need to know from treatments, after-care and the consultation process to the best way to pay for your treatment. Read more>