Embarrassed by red thread veins? Do you long for clear unblemished skin?

Leading consultant vascular surgeon Michael Gaunt says modern treatment methods offer a quick and effective solution.

Most of us want to hold back the signs of ageing and reduce skin blemishes. Thread veins or spider veins are a familiar problem for men and women. The tiny red or purple broken veins are most commonly found on the face, around the cheeks and nose, but also appear on ankles and legs. They initially emerge as one or two tiny fine lines but develop a web like pattern, that enlarges across the skin; hence the term spider vein.

What causes thread veins?

The main problem is having a susceptible skin-type that copes less well with the wear and tear of everyday life. An outdoor life and sun- exposure can exacerbate the problem, as can various skin conditions. Spider veins sadly increase over time and early treatment is advisable.

“Modern treatments are minimally invasive and take minutes to perform as a walk in -walk out procedure.”

“Patients should make informed choices when it comes to something as important as their health and wellbeing.”

How can you get rid of them?

A technique called VeinWave is predominantly used for facial thread veins and just a few sessions can be transformative. The minimally invasive procedure takes minutes to perform and you will see results almost immediately.

I have broken veins on my legs, they seem to be getting worse can you help?
Broken veins appearing on the legs are often the first sign of an underlying varicose vein problem which may not be visible. A thorough venous assessment is necessary before initiating any local treatment for leg thread veins as treatment will not be successful unless the underlying problem has been corrected first. A safe and effective treatment, injection microsclerotherapy is commonly used to decrease the visibility of unsightly thread veins most commonly found on the legs.

Top 5 Tips for seeking thread vein treatment

  • Choose an expert – Look for experienced vascular surgeon that has a long-standing reputation for delivering the highest quality of service
  • Tailored treatment– Ask for an individual venous assessment to ensure successful treatment
  • Safe cosmetic procedure – Seek well known modern treatments that conform to Medical regulations
  • Ask for advice – Take time to talk to your consultant to find the best solution for you
  • Trustworthy clinical care– Find a clinic that offers the highest standards of hygiene and clinical care