Q&A With Michael Gaunt EADT

Gina Long MBE talks to Mr. Michael Gaunt Consultant Vascular Surgeon.

Internationally recognised, he has worked for 20 years in East Anglia, offering a wealth of vascular expertise, specialising in treatments for varicose veins, venous ulcers, DVT and facial thread veins. His medical research and published papers are highly regarded.

Q: Tell us why you live here and nowhere else. 

My childhood was spent following my military father and by the age of 14 I had attended nine different schools. That’s probably why I’m so passionate about my home and enjoy the county so much.  We’ve been in this area since 2000 and I love the fact that my daughters have been able to grow up in such a beautiful part of the country, with great education on the doorstep and the chance for all of us to foster lasting friendships.

Q: What is your connection to East Anglia?

East Anglia is very much in my blood now, I feel rooted and happy here. My key clinics and operating lists are in Suffolk, Cambridge and Norfolk and it’s a pleasure to work in such a beautiful county.

Q: What is your East Anglian Heaven i.e. what do you love most about East Anglia?

If I’m honest I love the openness, the big skies and rural landscapes. It’s the combination of the unspoilt countryside, historic buildings and, in particular, the East Anglian coastline with its wonderful seaside towns and beaches.

Q: What is your East Anglian Hell i.e. what do you hate most about living here?

That’s an easy one – the traffic! I’m sure I’m not the only one to say sitting in a traffic jam on the A14 is my idea of Hell.

Q: What’s your favourite East Anglian restaurant?

Multi award-winning Maison Bleue, Bury St Edmunds.

Q: What’s your favourite way to spend an East Anglian evening?

Sitting on the lawn at King’s College, Cambridge on a summer evening, listening to the King’s Men singing from punts on the River Cam as the sun sets.

Q: What’s your favourite East Anglian landmark?

Norwich Cathedral, it never fails to impress. It’s a national treasure.

Q: What’s the best thing that happens in East Anglia every year?

Bury St Edmund’s Christmas Market; I love the community spirit and festive atmosphere.

Q: What is your specialist Mastermind subject?

The History of Vascular Surgery.

Q: What is always in your fridge?

Champagne and coconut yoghurt.

Q: What’s your simple philosophy of life?

Treat everyone as you would wish to be treated. Whether I am treating medical conditions such as varicose veins, infected venous ulcers, DVT (deep vein thrombosis) or cosmetic conditions such as unsightly thread veins, spider veins, red veins and facial veins, I always strive to do my best for the patient.

Q: What’s your favourite film?

The Verdict, starring Paul Newman, Charlotte Rampling and James Mason.

Q: Who do you admire most?

Baron Robert Kilpatrick of Kincraig – teacher, mentor and the Dean of my medical school. He took a chance on giving me a place at medical school – I hope I’ve repaid that trust.

Q: What is your biggest indulgence?

My TESLA car.

Q: What do you like about yourself most?

I never give up.

Q: What’s your worst character trait?

I never give up.

Q: Best day of your life?

My wedding day to my wife of 30 years, Ann.

Q: Tell us something people don’t know about you?

I once beat Steve Cram in a schoolboy race when I was 15.

Q: What do you want to tell our readers about most?

Varicose veins should not be ignored, as sooner or later they will cause problems. Good vascular care is a significant factor in our wellbeing and health. Taking time to keep healthy and active should also go hand in hand with recognising symptoms of varicose veins. As varicose veins develop they may, in the long term, affect mobility, causing chronic pain and discomfort.

I am proud to offer a wealth of expertise and the latest technology with excellent patient care and individually tailored treatment options. The latest minimally invasive treatments can be performed under local anaesthetic as a walk-in, walk-out procedure, with minimal postoperative discomfort and less impact on your lifestyle. I am one of the most experienced surgeons in the UK, using the minimally invasive Endovenous Laser and ClariVein techniques. I also offer VeinWave treatment for unsightly facial thread veins and spider veins.

If you would like to explore treatment options please call 01223 305858