Flying with Varicose vein symptoms

Varicose veins can be problematic on long journeys. Micheal Gaunt offers his advice and support to help you manage varicose vein symptoms.

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Keep moving

Travelling and inactivity needn’t go hand in hand. Making the most of every opportunity to move your legs, ankles and feet will help boost circulation and improve blood flow.

By stimulating your circulation you immediately minimise varicose vein symptoms and the risk of complications such as DVT, deep vein thrombosis.

Simple excercises you can manage whilst travelling include ankle rotations, lifting your heels off the floor, raising your legs and short walks. Repeat intermittently during travel.

Pre-flight assessment

You can book a consultation with Mr Michael Gaunt to assess your varicose veins and vascular health before you travel. He will listen to your concerns, personally talk you through any required treatments and offer his expert advice on managing symptoms.

Before travelling it’s wise to consider a vascular health assessment, especially if you suffer with painful legs and varicose veins.