Mrs B, Suffolk

“I first went to Mr Gaunt eight years ago and he said he could assist with the look of my varicose veins in one leg, which over the years had become unsightly and painful. For personal reasons I did not follow this up and how I wish I had done so then!

I was on holiday with friends a year ago who mentioned my veins and as soon as I was back I made an appointment to see Mr Gaunt again. This time I did what he advised – I had an operation under local anaesthetic, which really was a breeze in the park, and I noticed the improvement in the pain and look of my leg within a month. This was followed up by three sessions of injection sclerotherapy: the first time was more painful than the follow ups – perhaps I knew the pain to be expected on the follow ups. I am thrilled with the results: any person who has pain or unsightly veins should see Mr Gaunt – the results are far better than I thought they would be – my only regret is that I should have got it done eight years ago.”